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19 Evagora Street, 5340 Ayia Napa, Cyprus


Cyprus, an island situated in the eastern Mediterranean, however one third of the island is illegally occupied by Turkey, since it’s invasion in 1974.

Cyprus, the island of beauty and love, is the third largest and most well known island in the eastern Mediterranean sea. Characterized by many as ‘cosmopolitan’, the island of Aphrodite is a famous ‘bridge’ that hold a critical geographical position between the three continents.

An already established member of the Euro-zone, the island is a major tourist attraction in the Mediterranean and has a wide variety of options to offer to different people of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Cyprus generally enjoys a mild climate, purely Mediterranean, with long periods of sunshine and clear sky. Summer period is relatively extensive starting from May until mid September, with the climate being dry and considerably hot. In contrast to summertime, wintertime in Cyprus is mostly mild from November and ending early March. Autumn and Spring have relatively short duration and are characterized by smooth weather with no intense rain or heat. Daily temperatures during summertime range from 29°C, however in July and August, the two hottest months in Cyprus, the temperature can range up from 38°C on the lowlands and 29°C on the mountains.

CAPITAL: Nicosia
POPULATION: 1.141 million

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